Penicillin V 125mg Tablet (50 x 10’s)


Penicillin V 125mg Tablet [Phenoxymethyl Penicillin] (50 x 10’s) – Pharmaniaga

Active ingredients: Phenoxymethylpenicillin K

Indications: Belongs to the class of beta-lactamase sensitive penicillins. Used in the systemic treatment of infections – Penicillin-susceptible organism diseases eg, angina tonsillaris, bacterial bronchitis, acute otitis media & sinusitis, scarlet fever, furuncles, abscesses. Supportive therapy in bacterial pneumonia. Prophylaxis of rheumatic fever recurrences, polyarthritis, bacterial endocarditis, glomerulonephritis after tonsillectomy; stomatology infection.
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